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Linking with a Similar Project in China

During the onset of our project, our Advisor, Oran Young, informed us of a similar community emissions reduction prject taking place in China. Oran has connected our group with the group from Nanjing University in China and both groups are planning on sharing information as our projects progress. Here's a brief synopsis of the China project:

Wuxi is an industrial and commercial center in China, situated between Lake Taihu and the Yangtse River. The basin area currently suffers from the pressures of pollution and resource consumption, including a panic-inducing algal bloom in Lake Taihu during the summer of 2007. With an average depth of 2-3 meters, Lake Taihu would be greatly influenced by climate change. The Low Carbon City program at Wuxi is part of a local project called Planning for a Pioneer City of Ecological Civilization, with the cooperation of local Development and Reform Commission (DRC). This project also has three phases:

  • Looking at similar projects across the globe (“Pioneer Cities”) and creating a survey to gauge Chinese communities’ awareness, knowledge, and attitude towards climate change and their willingness-to-pay for a low carbon community
  • Establish baseline emissions data for the chosen community(ies)
  • Develop carbon emissions reduction plans

A more detailed project description was supplied by the head researcher, Linxuan Liu, and can be downloaded or viewed by clicking the attachment below:

Wuxi program.doc44.5 KB