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Collaboration 2.0

With the many tools available today like Google Docs and DropBox, it is so much easier to work as a group than even four years ago when I started my undergrad degree. This website was built using the open-source Drupal CMS package. It takes some web know-how but Drupal is vastly extendable most needs. Our group needed a contact list, so I created a view to display it in our internal version of this site. Our AECOM contacts suggested a task manager to guide us and track our hours, here it is:

Our Bren|AECOM Task Manager

The point of this post is that it was really fast to get up and running for this project and it is so much more efficient than the old way of simply emailing revisions around. Logistics are out of the way and this project is ready to roll.

Side note: when is Microsoft Word going to store documents on a server and allow simultaneous editing? Also, have you seen It is a free Microsoft Office replacement for Macs, Windows, and Linux.