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What Are We Doing Right Now?

The short summary of our project is this: we are developing a toolkit for California communities to use to lower their carbon footprint. After we complete our proof-of concept, we will be testing it using information collected from the city of Ventura, CA.

We have had some awesome people helping along the way so far, and some that don't even know they helped. That is the way of research. We are deep in the research realm right now where we get to find some of the most brilliant research that has been done, and compile it together in a semblage of work. We are learning REALbasic programming right now and are writing the numbers we come up with into equations. These are coming together into a piece of software that will be meant to guide city managers on what are the best strategies to choose. It is the largest part of the project and one that could go on forever, if there weren't a major timeline in February.

So what are we doing right now? We are working hard on our strategies. Take a look back here in a couple weeks and we should have some available to view online. Happy Thanksgiving!