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The Coding Has Started

There are three main deliverables for this project: a variety of strategy assessments that could help abate greenhouse gases in communities, a case study with some suggestions for the city of Ventura, California and a proof-of-concept piece of software that integrates our whole project together. We've started coding that last one! We are using an IDE called REALbasic that will enable us to compile the software for the Mac, Linux and Windows platform. The software will store its information on our web server and is locked by password protection. As our client is AECOM, it is slightly tailored to fit a consulting paradigm that would have consultants collect some of the missing information and use it to make the analysis. Our software is meant to be a learning tool and will teach as well as calculate strategies based on multiple time frames, looking for the lowest cost method of abating GHGs at the city level. We hope to eventually release the source code when the project finishes as well. Here is a quick look at the current splash screen (at 60% size).