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Public Presentation in Ventura

Tonight Michael, Aaron, and our friend and collaborator Ling visited Ventura to present our project and get some much-needed feedback. Our metastudy has barely begun but we are really excited about it. Thanks to everyone that came out to discuss Ventura greenhouse gas issues with us tonight. It was a great group and we got some fantastic ideas along with amazing offers to help us along in our travels. We're all in this together. We're learning right along with you and are looking forward to what we can come up with. We'll be updating the website with our progress during the next few months.


Attached are the two documents handed out tonight. Disclaimer: This baseline information was completed as an academic exercise and should not be used for official purposes. It is not verified nor official. That said, it is a great start for getting emissions data for Ventura, CA as a whole and does give an idea of emissions in Ventura from the included categories.


Press Release from Ventura PresentationVentura City Emissions Baseline (2007)