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Selecting Ventura

In our meeting today, we decided to focus the case study of our project on Ventura, CA, because of the wide assortment of potential greenhouse gas sources found there. Ventura represents a good mixture of commercial and residential infrastructure along the California coastline in a fairly populated region. While we love our local community of Santa Barbara, we feel it has limited industrial diversity - with dominant residential and service sectors - for what we hope to accomplish in our project. Much original study of this nature has already focused on Santa Barbara because of events like the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill and the presence of a large research institution like UCSB here, among many grassroots organizations. Ventura does also have a number of interested parties, but we felt it was the best neighboring mix for our study.

The Beginning

Welcome to our project's website. This is a group thesis: the capstone of five Masters students' work at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at UC Santa Barbara. Our project is working in conjunction with a well-respected worldwide company named AECOM, which, among other specialties, addresses a vast assortment of environmental issues.

Our project will have a duration of roughly one year, during which we will address greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies in the neighboring community of Ventura, CA. Strategies will be pursued by multiple avenues, aiming to include sociological, political, and scientific aspects. This website will publicly follow our progress throughout our study and share our newly gained understanding with anyone who wishes to learn with us. Our final deliverable is expected to include a case study prepared for Ventura, a "toolkit" to address areas for greenhouse gas reduction, and strategies in which to do so.

There is little scientific doubt remaining about the severity of global climate change, and while the exact effects remain unknown, the necessity to act upon the problem is clear. Though collective societal action is to be an essential piece of a climate change solution, individual changes to our way of life must play an equally important role. For guidance in small, everyday changes that all of us can make to help, we encourage you to visit this website.

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